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ALL dates are estimated arrival dates at the various ports

ASCL Michele  IMO 9373333 ASCL Michele ASCL Michele ASCL Michele ASCL Michele
Port of Call / Voyage No. MZ1802 MZ1803 MZ1804 MZ1805
Singapore 16-Feb-18 19-Mar-18 30-Apr-18 3-Jun-18
Close Off for Hazardous and General Cargo DG Closed 23-Mar-18 30-Apr-18 31-May-18
Close Off for Full Container – Food and Drink 16-Feb-18 29-Mar-18 4-May-18 7-Jun-18
Christmas Island – Southbound 21-Feb-18 TBA TBA TBA
Fremantle 28-Feb-18 11-Apr-18 14-May-18 17-Jun-18
Cocos Island 9-Mar-18 19-Apr-18 23-May-18 26-Jun-18
Christmas island 12-Mar-18 22-Apr-18 26-May-18 29-Jun-18
  1. The sailing dates are as accurate as possible at time of publication but are subject to variation due to weather and/or sea conditions and other factors.  To minimize any inconvenience, as much notice as possible about changes to the schedule will be given.
  2. For Full Container Load (FCL) bookings, please contact Ernie Zentner – or Philip Raston –
  3. All goods shipped are subject to Zentner Shipping Pty Ltd “Standard Shipping Terms and Conditions” and those of the carriers Bill of Lading – copy available on request.
  4. Weight to Cubic Conversion of 600kg = 1.00m3 for container applies, reference “Section 4” of the “Standard Shipping Terms and Conditions”.
  5. It is the responsibility of the Consignee to insure any cargo for whatever reason is necessary during shipment of goods to/from the Islands.
  6. Please deliver cargo by the advertised Close Off Dates to allow time for the cargo to be packed and to meet wharf Cut Offs, any cargo delivered after the Close Off Dates may be held over for the following voyage.  Note – there are two Cut Off dates depending on the type of cargo, please contact our office if you need further advice on Cut Off Dates.
  7. Schedule updates, Shipping information and all other latest information is available from our website and are found on the Home and Notices tab.