Packing Requirements

  • All goods that come to our warehouse for shipping are classed as EXPORT CARGO and should be wrapped, packed and clearly marked with the receivers name and address.
  • Furniture should be wrapped and packed as fragile goods. Corners and edges should be protected. Mattresses should be double bagged.
  • All small or loose items such as personal effects or groceries should be packed onto a standard size plain pallet (1150mm x 1150mm) with no overhang.
  • Personal effects packed into cartons should not weigh any more than 12kg If you can’t lift it then it cannot be packed as top load.
  • Bagged items such as cement, garden fertilizer, rice etc should be packed onto a plain standard size pallet (1150mm x 1150mm) and no overhang.
  • Packs of timber should be packed with at least one end being square and a minimum of 4 straps and gluts attached. It is very important that the gluts are no wider than the pack and all lengths over 5.8m are removed and packed separately as they will not fit inside a container and will go as break bulk or deck cargo. This goes for all building materials. Same packing principals apply.
  • Building products such as Hardiflex, plywood and gyprock etc should be packed on a same sized pallet and strapped with a min of 4 straps and corner protection.
  • A cover sheet should be placed on top of the goods for protection.
  • Try and keep packs to a max of 1 tonne each.
  • Items that are unusually shaped or large and fragile and heavy that cannot have other cargo packed on top of it or around it because of fragile gauges and switches should be packed into a crate. Roller doors should be crated. Windows and glass should be crated.
  • All dangerous goods must be packed separately from general cargo and each individual class such as FLAMMABLE GASES – FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS – CORROSIVES must be packed separate from each other. If goods are not declared as HAZARDOUS they will not be shipped and is an offense under AMSA If we have to remove DANGEROUS GOODS from pallets charges will apply or deliveries may not be accepted.
  • Vehicles, plant and equipment should be cleaned inside and out to reduce any quarantine risks. Especially when returning from the islands.
  • All motor bikes, scooters and ride on mowers must be crated by the Supplier or crates can be manufactured by Zentner Shipping and charged to the receiver.


Packing Samples