Cocos Islands Weather Surcharge

To All Cocos Islands Shippers,


The ASC Lotti discharged all cargo at Cocos Island on voyage AL2401NB and departed on 14th March.

Unfortunately, the ship lost four days because it had to wait until weather conditions improved to allow the ship to be worked.

As a result of the above delays, ASC Liner Services has incurred additional costs.

Therefore, ASC Liner Services has decided to introduce a “Weather Surcharge” to recover the additional costs incurred at Cocos Island.

At the completion of the Wet Season, ASC Liner Services will determine all additional costs incurred due to delays and advise on the surcharge.

The Weather Surcharge will be applied from voyage AL2404 and continue for 12 months or until costs are recovered.

We regret imposing the new cost, but it must be imposed to maintain the viability of the shipping service to the island.

The Weather Surcharge will be assessed periodically and be removed once costs are recovered.

A notification will be provided once the surcharges have been calculated.