General Notice 1-2017

Christmas Island Crane Breakdown Update

ASCL Michele is preparing to load and sail as planned and is due at Christmas Island approximately 14-15 March 2017.

With the wharf crane not operating, the plan is to secure the vessel to the outer moorings and use the ships cranes and the Stevedore’s barges to move containers from the ship to the crane berth.

Here a 100 tonne hydraulic mobile crane will lift the containers up onto the wharf apron for handling as normal.

We have been advised by CI Ports, that using this method of stevedoring there will be an 18 tonne limit to container weights.

Hopefully the wharf crane will be repaired and back operational for the next Voyage MZ1702.

This update is provided now as we are aware of the internet connection being disconnected tonight.


Ernie Zentner

General Manager

Zentner Shipping Pty Ltd