Christmas Island Shippers

Christmas Island Pilotage Surcharge – January 2019

Christmas Island Marine Pilots have advised there will be no pilots on island when the scheduled call of the “ASCL Michele” Voyage MZ1809 is due to arrive at Christmas Island in January 2019.

Without a Marine Pilot we cannot berth the “ASCL Michele” at the crane berth and discharge containers.

Indian Ocean Stevedores have offered to fly a Marine Pilot back to the island so that we can bring the “ASCL Michele” in to the berth to permit unloading.  However the fee for this service is an additional $5,000.00 to the usual pilotage fee.

To maintain our scheduled call into Christmas Island we will need to pay the $5,000.00 additional fee.

Unfortunately we will need to pass on the additional service fee, by a one off container “CI Pilot Surcharge” levied against all Christmas Island containers loading to and from the vessel on this visit.

The per container cost of the “CI Pilot Surcharge” will be advised as soon as the total container movements are known.

Zentner Shipping regrets the additional surcharge and would greatly prefer that Marine Pilots could be on hand to work our scheduled calls at Christmas Island.