COVID-19 Update 19-03-2020

Cocos and Christmas Island Residents,

Zentner Shipping understands the vital and continuing need to maintain the shipping service to the Islands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The continuing supply of food, mail, medical items and vital spare parts is critical to the Australians we service on the Cocos and Christmas Islands.

The Zentner Shipping management team met last Sunday and have put in place contingency plans should we have to operate with reduced staff.

We closed the warehouse on Monday the 16th whilst our staff made considerable alterations to the receivals area to reduce the possibility of our staff becoming infected.

Cleaning of surfaces, forklifts and other common areas has been greatly increased. The use of hand sanitizers is now common practice.

The front office will no longer be open to the general public or delivery drivers. This is to limit contact with the public .

All visitors MUST proceed to Door 7 and be vetted and signed in. Unless you have an appointment scheduled with us you will not be allowed entry into the premises.

If you or your family members are attending our warehouse to make deliveries, please ensure that only one person enters our receivals area.

All others must remain in the car.

Please comply with our upgraded procedures and social distancing.

A Perspex wall has been installed at our receivals area to limit the interaction between visitors/drivers and our staff.

Please be aware that all paperwork needs to be presented in the receivals area before we will come out to unload the goods. We are also not signing any driver PDA’s or paperwork. Most delivery companies are already doing this so please be aware of it.

We are also trying to increase the distance between our staff and all drivers, so if we ask you to step back to 2 meters please don’t take offence. This is another precaution we are taking to reduce the risk of infection between visitors/drivers and staff.

All these changes and new ways of working have been set up with one aim, to keep COVID-19 out of our workplace so that we can keep our staff healthy and safe.  Zentner Shipping can then continue to receive your cargo, pack the containers and ship the goods to you.  The continued Shipping service to the Islands is our only task and we remain fully committed to keeping the Zentner Shipping lifeline open in these difficult times.  

By checking our website at  you can read about our COVID-19 planning and any updates.

Please call our office on 9434 5911 if you have any concerns about our continuing service.

Please remember that we are all in this together.