COVID-19 Procedures

Now that the precautions are in place at Zentner Shipping there are a few changes that we have implemented.

The front office will no longer be open to anyone outside of the staff working here. All visitors MUST proceed to Door 7 and be signed in through there. Unless you have an appointment scheduled with us you will not be allowed entry onto the premises.

A perspex wall has been installed at our receivals area to limit the interaction between drivers and the staff. Please be aware that all paperwork needs to be present before we will come out to unload the goods. We are also not signing any driver PDA’s or paperwork. Most delivery companies are already doing this so please be aware of it.

We are also trying to increase the distance between our staff and all drivers, so if we ask you to step back to 2 meters please don’t take offence. This is another precaution we are taking to reduce the risk between staff and drivers.

The usual daily duties at Zentner Shipping are changing and could change even more if things don’t become better. So please be understanding and patient with us and if it all seems silly when we ask you to do something we are only doing it to help reduce and the possible spread of this deadly virus.