MV ASCL Michele arrived at Christmas Island 15 March at 18:00 hours local time.  We have been informed that the weather doesn’t allow for any operations at the rock or crane berth today.

There are currently two vessels ahead of MV ASCL Michele before she is able to commence her cargo operations, under normal circumstances the vessel would drift and await her slot to proceed to Flying Fish Cove and the current situation doesn’t allow for this, unfortunately, MV ASCL Michele has got a 10 year special survey coming up in Singapore by the end of next week.  The information received from Christmas Island is that there might only be a short period of good weather to work the vessels that are ahead of MV ASCL Michele and thereafter the weather is expected to deteriorate again.

We cannot risk that the vessels certificates expire while we wait for cargo operations to commence.

The management of ASC Liner Services therefore made the decision to depart from Christmas Island with immediate effect and to proceed to dry dock in Singapore.

The Rules and Regulations at Christmas Island dictate that vessels are worked on a first come first served basis, despite our attempts to try and get MV ASCL Michele ahead in the line to get worked earlier were not successful.

During the dry dock period the containers will be stored ashore and we will call at Christmas Island Southbound on Voyage MZ1803 which is expected to be at the beginning of April.  We will keep the relevant parties on Christmas Island well informed about the vessels progress and ETA.

Further updates with the ETA at the Island will be available through this website.