ASCL Michele arrived at Christmas Island Northbound on Voyage MZ1707 on 11 January, the port was closed due to heavy swell in Flying Fish Cove and had been for the previous 6 days.  ASCL Michele waited off the Island until the 15 January, when with no foreseeable break in the weather being forecast, the ship sailed for Singapore.  The atrocious weather conditions prevented any return to the Island during January with a record 27 days of port closure in the month, just about the entire month of January.

The Port has re-opened today and the ASCL Michele will arrive on Monday the 5 February with Refrigerated and Dangerous cargo containers.  The ASCL Michele will then sail back to Singapore to load the balance of containers for the island, the return date is difficult to determine due to sailing times, public holidays and the lack of a pilot for multiple days.

Further advice will be provided as soon as we can.