Borkum Dry Docking

Good Day Shippers,

We have received notice from the owners of the Borkum that the vessel must go into dry dock for routine inspection and maintenance.

It is expected that dry docking will take 3-4 weeks to be completed.

At this stage, it is anticipated that dry docking will be carried out after voyage BK2206 when the ship calls into Singapore mid November 2022.

After dry docking the Borkum will continue its normal voyage cycle with ETA Fremantle beginning of January 2023.

This notification is to advise all shippers that:

  1. Voyage BK2206 will be the last voyage to Cocos and Christmas Islands prior to the Christmas holiday period,

  2. The duration between voyage BK2206 and BK2207 will be approximately 9 weeks and that islanders must plan supplies accordingly,

  3. Depending on swell season conditions, BK2206 could also be the last voyage to the islands prior to Chinese New Year.

We will continue to update all shippers as more information comes to hand.