Borkum Voyage Update 6/4

Cocos & Christmas Island Shippers

The Borkum arrived at Christmas Island from Fremantle on Thursday April 1st and commenced discharging containers. 

However the weather deteriorated during the day and the ship had to vacate the berth at 5.30pm after a mooring line snapped. By this time  41 containers had been discharged.

The ship stayed off Christmas Island overnight in the hope that they could continue discharge on Good Friday.

However the conditions worsened overnight and no work could be carried out on Friday.

With no possibility of weather conditions improving, mainly due to a low pressure system to the south of Christmas Island and cyclone forming near Java, the ship departed for Cocos Island.

Unfortunately 6 containers, including the 3 refrigerated containers for Cocos that had been discharged in the morning were still ashore when the vessel was forced to leave the berth late on Friday afternoon.

We will make another attempt (7th attempt) to discharge containers with a south bound call around 25th April. The Borkum will then make an attempt to deliver the 6 containers to Cocos Island that were left at Christmas Island.

Conditions must improve soon!