Swell Surcharge 26/5

To all Island Shippers:

After one of the worst swell seasons at Xmas Island in the last 20 years, we have hopefully seen the worst and things will return to normal.

Seven attempts were made by the “Borkum” to discharge containers at Xmas Island on voyages BK2009, BK2101 and BK2102.

A total of 19 days was lost by the ship in waiting time, to discharge containers at Xmas Island.

The majority of the containers discharged from the ship, were at the Outer Moorings and as such incurred additional higher stevedoring costs.

Unfortunately as a result of the above, ASC Liner Services has incurred considerable additional costs.

Normally these additional costs would be passed onto shippers with cargo on board the three effected voyages.

However ASC Liner Services have decided that these shippers have incurred enough hardship, with their goods arriving late.

The decision has therefore been made to introduce a “Swell Surcharge” to try and recover some of their costs.

The “Swell Surcharge” will take effect from voyage BK2105, and remain in place for the next 12 months, or until ASC liner Services costs have been reimbursed.

So from BK2105, an additional $685.00 will be charged for every 20ft container shipped to or from Xmas Island.

Break Bulk and LCL rates will also have to be increased as a result of the above “Swell Surcharge”.

We regret having to impose this new cost, but in order to keep the viability of the shipping service to the island, it must be imposed.