Environmental Fuel Surcharge

Cocos and Christmas Island Shippers

General Notice 2/2019

Further to our advice provided in General Notice 1/2019,  Zentner Shipping has now received notification from ASC Liner Services in Singapore of the introduction of an Environmental Fuel Surcharge for shipping containers to both Cocos and Christmas Island.

The surcharge is to cover the additional ongoing costs involved in meeting the United Nations mandated  requirement to change over to an environmentally friendly fuel which will reduce the sulphur oxide emissions from the ships engine from Jan 1 2020.

A copy of the letter from ASC Liner Services is attached here for information.

The Environmental Fuel Surcharge will apply to all island shipping and will increase container rates by $760/ container, increase break bulk rates by $20/ Rt and increase LCL cargo by $30/m3

The new rates will be take effect from the first voyage in 2020

Rate increases are always difficult, however we need to make the fuel change to assist with the reduction in Sulphur oxides produced by the worlds ocean going fleet.

We remain committed to providing your shipping requirements through 2020 and beyond.


Zentner Shipping