Biosecurity Requirements – Container Tarping

Dear Christmas Island container shippers,

Zentner Shipping have just been advised by the Biosecurity National Coordination Centre of upgraded requirements for the transport of containers off the wharf that have been directed for washing.  All containers, both full and empty, that are shipped back from Christmas Island are individually inspected by a Biosecurity officer and any that are deemed contaminated with soil, plant material, snails or insects are directed to a washing facility for an external clean. The authority for this is covered by the Biosecurity Act 2015 section 124 (1) Direction to secure goods.

In the past we have transported these wash containers in the normal manner by truck to a nearby contractor for washing.  Zentner Shipping have now been directed by Biosecurity that containers are to be “Envelope Tarped” prior to transport.

To achieve this we are arranging a contractor to fully wrap each container in plastic prior to transport. This will attract additional charges for all containers directed to cleaning.

These additional costs will be passed back to the shipper of the container as is currently done with the cleaning costs. 

The new procedures and costs will come in to effect from containers landed at Fremantle from Borkum Voyage BK2002.