To All Shippers

On the recent call of the Borkum into Fremantle, we experienced unprecedented delays in berthing/working the ship in Fremantle port.

These delays included port congestion, wharf congestion and delays in working our ship at the berth.

As a result the Borkum was delayed in Fremantle by over two weeks.

In order to minimise the effect on the sustainability of our service, we have no option but to put in place a “Fremantle Emergency Congestion Surcharge”.

The value of the surcharge has been determined at an additional A$960.00/TEU and additional A$65.00/Rt for break bulk cargo.

This surcharge will come into effect on the next voyage of the Borkum, BK2201, and apply for shipments to both Cocos and Christmas Islands.

At this stage we only envisage levying the surcharge for the next voyage, BK2201.

We hope that the congestion just experienced in Fremantle is a “one off event”.

We regret the imposition of this surcharge but external circumstances have resulted in us taking this drastic step.


Ernie Zentner