Zentner Shipping Industry Bulletin #2

Good day shippers,
The last few months has seen heavy congestion in Fremantle Port, both in waiting time to berth and cargo congestion on the wharf itself.
It has affected all shipping services into the Port, including our own where the Borkum was waiting 8 days for a berth and had 10 days of operations.
We hope that the Fremantle Port Authority can work to combat this congestion going forward.
We have also seen a spike in the LSMGO bunker (ship’s fuel) prices, and with the current situation between Ukraine and Russia the price may increase further.
Shipping lines are adjusting their Bunker Adjuster Factors (BAF) accordingly as this rate fluctuates.
It is fantastic to have the Borkum depart Fremantle to bring the much-needed supplies to the island communities.
Articles for your reference: