Christmas Island Shippers

Zentner Shipping have been advised by Complete Stevedoring & Freight Solutions (CSFS) on Christmas Island of a stevedoring rate increase effective from MV Borkum’s voyage BK2004 in May 2020.

CSFS provide the stevedoring services to the Borkum when the vessel calls at Christmas Island.  Stevedoring covers the unloading and reloading of the ship and the attendant berthing and wharf activities.

The advice provided is that the cost of stevedoring services will rise by 17.5% from Voyage BK2004.  As stevedoring forms part of  Zentner shippings rates to and from the Island there will be a need to increase these rates to recover the additional Stevedoring costs.  Please find attached a copy of the letter of advice from CSFS giving details of the stevedoring rate rise here.

The new rates will be take effect from voyage BK2004.

Rate increases are always difficult, however to maintain a viable long term shipping service to the Islands we need to cover these additional costs.

We remain committed to providing your shipping requirements through 2020 and beyond.


Ernie Zentner

General Manager

Zentner Shipping