COVID-19 Precautions

As COVID-19 has now been classed as a country wide pandemic, Zentner Shipping is closing it’s receivals and office areas for the whole of Monday 16th March to take the necessary steps to implicate a sectioned off quarantine area for all delivery drivers and island residents. This is to not only protect all the staff at Zentner Shipping, but to protect anyone that enters our warehouse. We will reopen as per normal Tuesday 17th March

Once these measures have been implemented anyone entering the receivals area will now be segregated from the warehouse staff and will need to follow a strict set of rules before we will exit the warehouse. All drives must answer a set of questions and if we deem any of these answers inadequate we will refuse the unloading of the goods.

If the drives do not abide by the rules then they will be asked to leave.

The main office will remain closed until further notice and all deliveries and enquirers will be directed to our receivals door (Door 7). No one will be allowed past the quarantine area under any circumstances.

We hope you can understand the severity of COVID-19 and the risk it could pose to not only the staff but to anyone who is flying back home to Christmas or Cocos Islands. Please be understanding and patient as we work to reduce any chance of this deadly pandemic spreading unnecessarily.