Shipping Rate Increase BK2202

To All Island Shippers,


The Time Charter for the charter of the “BORKUM” has just been re-negotiated for another 12 month period.

Unfortunately with shipping rates at an all time high, and demand for suitably sized ships out-stripping supply.

The owners of the “BORKUM” have made a substantial increase in daily hire rate.


The complexities with chartering a suitably sized ship to service the demands at Christmas Island, have left few options.

We canvassed the Department and CI Ports to see if a relaxation of rules could be achieved, and thus broaden the market for a larger size ship.

However these efforts did not work out and left us with no other options, but to re-charter the “BORKUM”.


As a result we will have to make a sizable increase in shipping rates to both Cocos and Christmas Islands.

In order to sustain the island service, we will have to impose an increase of A$1,980.00/TEU and A$65.00/Rt for break bulk on all island shipping.

These rates will become effect from BK2202 and apply to all containers/cargo shipped to and from the islands.


It is hoped that once global shipping stabilizes, we can see a reduction in Time Charter rates.

Please be aware that any reduction in Time Charter rates will see a decrease in shipping rates.