Swell Weather Voyage Update 26/2

Christmas Island shippers

The Borkum is currently heading to Singapore to restow and collect other contracted cargo before heading back to Christmas Island and Fremantle.

The online Sailing Schedule has been amended with the latest information.

Weather permitting the ship will be back at Christmas Island around the 10th March.

The aim is to discharge 24x high priority containers made up of 6x aviation fuel and 18x food & grocery containers that are important for the island community.

These containers will be stowed on the upper deck and available for discharge all going well.

The ship will then head to Fremantle to load cargo for BK2102 before returning north. Should the weather on Christmas Island be favourable for unloading the intent will be to go to Christmas Island first, otherwise the ship will proceed as normal to Cocos Island, then to Christmas Island.

Further updates will be posted on our website as information comes to hand.