Swell Weather Voyage Update 3/3

Christmas Island Shippers

When the Borkum calls at Christmas Island southbound from Singapore on or around the 10th of March, assuming all going well and the weather permits, the ship will be able to discharge 24 containers from the deck only.

Due to Fremantle cargo also being on the hatch covers and below on the tween deck it won’t be possible to open the hatches to access further containers. The Fremantle cargo is relatively light so must be stowed higher in the ship with heavier cargo below.    

The deck room available and the maximum stacking weight on the hatches limits us to 24 containers on deck. Once the containers are discharged back loading of containers will occur within the deck limits.

The continuing bad weather and the resultant build up of containers on the vessel is presenting operational difficulties that the line is working with as best as possible.

It is in everyone’s interest to discharge as many containers as possible as fast as possible but we have reached the limitations of a safe stow and cannot jeopardize this.